JSU offers four-week summer trip in Israel

Jewish Student Union invites high school students in ninth through 12th grades to spend four weeks in Israel as part of JSU’s The Anne Samson Jerusalem Journey. The Israel trip is for Jewish teens attending public and private non-Jewish high schools. 

Supported by the Harvey L. Miller Family Foundation, the Jewish Federation of St. Louis and other donors, the JSU trip costs only $974 for participants. 

The trip allows participants to learn more about their Jewish heritage and culture by learning about the history and the people of Israel. Participants will visit a variety of ancient and modern sites of Israel, including Jerusalem, Tel Aviv. Trip activities take place all over Israel, such as hiking through waterfalls in the Judean Desert and the Golan Heights, torpedo boating and snorkeling in Eilat’s Red Sea, kayaking down the Jordan River, rappelling off the cliffs of the Upper Galilee mountain range, or navigating through a water obstacle course in the Sea of the Galilee. An overnight stay in a Bedouin tent will help participants picture what life was like during biblical times.

For more information on The Anne Samson Jerusalem Journey, contact Rabbi Mike Rovinsky at 314-498-6279.