‘Jewish Unity Live’ event marks St. Louis Kollel’s 25th anniversary

Rabbi Shlomo Soroka

St. Louis Kollel’s signature event,  “Jewish Unity Live,” takes place Sunday, March 6 at the Missouri Athletic Club. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Kollel, a Jewish educational and outreach organization. 

Following on the theme of “Dor L’Dor” (from generation to generation), the Kollel will feature “Next Generation Leadership Awards” to Brian and Sarah Glazer, Rabbi Sam and Dr. Rivka Ozar Goldenhersh, Mordechai and Temima Brown Klein, Daniel and Jessie Lefton, Max and Jerilyn Oppenheimer, Bryan Schwartz and Richard and Mindy Woolf — individuals the Kollel recognizes as representing the “second generation” of communal leaders who have partnered with the organization to create a vibrant Jewish future in St. Louis.

Rabbi Shlomo Soroka and Rabbi Sroy Levitansky, two former Kollel directors who played a pivotal role in the growth of the Kollel, will be on hand. There will be a video presentation and Jon Rubin Catering will present “25 Next Gen Kosher Favorites.” Corporate Sponsors for the event include Frankel, Rubin, Klein, Dubin, Siegel & Payne, P.C., Azar Automotive, Delmar Gardens Enterprises and Rikma Art. 

For more information regarding the event, contact Rabbi Shaya Mintz at 314-726-6047 or [email protected].