Jewish Food March Madness: Brisket looking to upset #1 Bagels

Jewish Food Bracket


After hard-fought battles across the board, only eight foods remain in this year’s Jewish Food March Madness. Moving forward, expect to see some high-leverage, drama-filled matchups, with a trip to the Final Four on the line.

Here’s a breakdown of each Elite Eight matchup, with predictions on how the foods will stack up against each other moving forward.

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Regional Final 1: Bagel vs. Brisket

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With how strong each of these teams was coming into the tournament, it’s sad we won’t see them square up in the championship game, but such is the life of Jewish food seeding. Both foods are Jewish staples, with every person claiming to know the best bagel shop, and which of their Bubbes cooks the juiciest brisket.

Bagels steamrolled their way past inferior competition with the not-surprising #1 seed. Brisket came into the tournament with a chip on its shoulder, having lost out on a Top-4 seed.

Coach Einstein of Team Bagel said that they couldn’t have asked for a better matchup in the Elite Eight.

“When you think of Jewish foods, you think of us, obviously, but not far behind is brisket,” said Einstein. “We are ready for the challenge.”

Prediction: This game will be competitive until the final seconds. However, Brisket will win the matchup in overtime.

Regional Final 2: Latkes vs. Falafel

Unsurprisingly, Latkes have made it to another regional final and are hoping to finish the job this year. The same can be said about Falafel. However, each of their paths to the Elite Eight have been hard fought.

While Falafel has its strengths, it will be tough to deal with the crispiness of Latkes’ defense. Latkes will have to deal with the longevity and cultural significance that Falafel has made for itself. While Bagel vs. Brisket may be the most competitive, this matchup will be a close second.

Prediction: Latkes will come out on top, adding another Final Four appearance to their already storied franchise.

Regional Final 3: Matzah Ball Soup vs. Shakshuka 

Is this really even going to be a contest?

There was an argument to be made for MBS to get the #1 seed, as it is just as much of a popular Jewish food as Bagels. Much like Bagels, they have easily made their way to the Elite Eight.

For Shakshuka, it’ll be tough to compete against an opponent as strong as MBS. While it may have its strengths, Matzah Ball Soup has the refrigeration-leftover advantage, among other factors.

Prediction: Matzah Ball Soup blows out Shakshuka to move on.

Regional Final 4: Challah vs. Babka

Carb-lovers, this is the matchup for you.

While Babka is one of the best Jewish desserts, Challah is one of the most storied and famous Jewish foods out there.

After a rough beginning to the season, Babka can hold its head high knowing it made it this far. However, this game will be over before you can finish the HaMotzi.

Prediction: Challah wins over Babka in quick fashion.