Jewish Attention to Mental Illness plans Aug. 16 meeting

The next JAMI-StL Spiritual Support Group will take place at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 16, at the Kopolow Jewish Federation Building.

JAMI-StL (Jewish Attention to Mental Illness/Mental Health) is devoted to securing the problems associated with mental illness in the center of the Jewish community agenda.

We teach that there is no one outside the camp, that we are all in the Jewish community tent, that it is a big tent and we owe it to those who may not advocate well for themselves to advocate for them. We are led by the attention to the hurt that we hear when individuals are suffering from problems occasioned by mental illness, their families and loved ones, and we teach responses to help all of us live more integrated lives.

Our goal is to teach by embodying the compassionate values that Judaism extends to all individuals in the big tent approach to Jewish community, overcoming the stigma that attaches to mental illness.

The support group is led by Rabbi James Stone Goodman. For more information, visit or call 314-863-4366.