Jacobs receive best New Years’ gift of all


As a law student in her final semester at Washington University, Debbie Jacob has, perhaps, a few more things on her mind than many of her fellow classmates.

Rather than just hitting the books and readying herself for the bar exam, Jacob has a new baby boy to occupy her time.


Debbie and her husband, Marc Jacob, welcomed their first child on Jan. 5, ten days after the expected due date.

Asher Shaya Jacob, named after Debbie’s grandfather, was born at Missouri Baptist Medical Center, weighing eight pounds, five ounces.

So, how is Debbie faring as a new mom?

“It’s an adjustment,” she said. “But it’s pretty exciting and a nice change.”

Debbie started the semester full-time, but quickly found that being a full-time mom and a full-time law student was a bit of a heavy load.

“I started going full-time this semester, but it was pretty busy with the baby. So I dropped down to part-time — and it’s still pretty busy,” she said.

Debbie said Asher looks like his father, with some of his facial features, and the slightly darker complection. And overall, “He’s very cute,” she said. “That seems to be the general consensus among our family and friends.”

While Debbie is about to finish law school, her husband, Marc, is an attorney, working for a real estate development company.

So, does mom see Asher following in the legal footsteps of his mother and father?

“No, hopefully not,” she joked. “I hope he’ll have a better path. Seriously, though, I want him to be whatever he wants, and whatever will make him happy.”

The Jacobs live in University City and attend Beth Hamedrosh Hagodol Sha’arei Chased.

With the birth of Asher on Jan. 5, the Jacobs are the winner of the annual “First Jewish Baby 2007” contest held by The St. Louis Jewish Light.

As contest winners, the Jacobs will receive a number of gifts donated by Jewish Light advertisers.

The gifts will include:

* A bris from Rabbi Michael Rovinsky.

* A free “dream cake” from Maggie Moo’s ice cream shop.

* A $50 gift card from Kangaroo Kids Children’s Resale and Maternity Support Center.

* Free thank you notes for family from Sally G. Kaplan, The Stationery Lady.

* A free yard sign from Fastsigns of Bridgeton.

* Free pair of Stride Rite shoes for the baby from Laurie’s Shoes.

* A burp cloth set, a pewter spoon and a “My First Teddy Bear” from Unique Toy and Game in Wildwood.

* A free pizza and salad from Grassi’s West, Italian Deli and Restaurant.