Israeli divorce record; Dada Ball; Jewish baseball cards

If you’re feeling bad that your first, or second, or even, possibly, third marriage didn’t work out, take solace in knowing that you’ve got a long way to go to beat the record of a 50-year-old Israeli man. The unidentified man from the Jerusalem area recently divorced for the 11th time, a new Israeli record for Jews, according to an announcement released late last month by the Rabbinical Court Administration and reported in the Jerusalem Post.

The man, whose divorces were performed both in Israel and abroad in accordance with Halacha (Jewish law), said his custom is to divorce his wives every two years and look for a new bride immediately after.


“I throw out a hook and the fish come on their own,” the man reportedly said. (Are we sensing a new Israeli TV reality show here?)

In his latest marriage, which also lasted two years, the two sides split the debts the husband had accrued. The woman, who no doubt will need years of therapy, claimed her husband had promised to work but ended up living off her assets and those of her parents.

From all his marital escapades the man has only one child, to whom he is unable to make child support payments. The man said that he regretted divorcing his first wife because it set in motion a never-ending search for the next “experience.”

The man has actually been re-setting his own record for the past several years, the newspaper noted. The previous Jewish Israeli record for divorces by a single person was six.

* Every other year the Contemporary Art Museum holds its Dada Ball, which is as much a bona fide fashion show as it is a successful museum fundraiser. This year, the 5th bi-annual Ball falls on April 17 and boasts a trifecta of honorary chairs including actress Chloe Sevigny of HBO’s “Big Love” and fashion guru Cameron Silver, who was once among Time magazine’s “25 Most Influential Names and Faces in Fashion.” Silver, who runs the ultra posh vintage L.A. boutique Decades, has outfitted some of the biggest names in Hollywood and now he is coming to St. Louis to outfit you for the right price, of course.

He will be bringing a load of his extraordinary vintage duds to St. Louis on Feb. 13 for a trunk show at the home of the First Lady of Temple Emanuel, Susan Sherman, who is helping to spearhead the museum event. The purpose of the trunk show is to help those planning to attend the Dada Ball choose their vintage outfits, with 20 percent of the proceeds from the sale of the clothes going to the museum. For times, location and more information about the trunk show and the Dada Ball, email [email protected]

* It’s still more than a month before spring training gets underway, but that doesn’t preclude many of us from thinking about warm weather and baseball, especially in light of the recent exciting Matt Holliday news. In my case, I got to thinking about baseball (and those terrific kosher dogs at Busch Stadium with grilled onions and warm sauerkraut) when the email from arrived announcing the 2010 Deck of the Decade.

Included in this 50-card set is every Jewish major leaguer from 2000 to 2009, stats of the decade, career leaders and other oddball facts and factoids. The set, which costs $29 if purchased before April 30, is being touted as the perfect bar or bat mitzvah gift for young baseball fans (in May, the price goes up to $41). Also, if you order the 2010 edition by April 30, you can also order, while supplies lasts, any combination of the 2008 and 2009 Editions at $29 each. These are completely different sets of cards. Who knows? Maybe they’ll even throw in a set of Ginsu knives.