How to win your mom free ice cream for a year


Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Cheryl Baehr, Special to the Jewish Light

Beckie Jacobs knows firsthand how hard the past year has been for moms. That’s why, for this Mother’s Day, she’s decided to do something extra special to honor them at her Webster Groves ice cream shop, Serendipity – including a year’s worth of free ice cream for the “Best Mom in St. Louis.”

“Women have suffered the most from the trauma of this last year-and-a-half on both an economic and emotional level,” says Jacobs, 56 and member of Congregation Shaare Emeth. “We thought it would be awesome to give them a little bit of love, respect and free stuff. This is a celebration of all the things moms had to do, and we deserve ice cream. We deserve it every day, but I am willing to give it to them every month.”

To enter Serendipity’s Best Mom giveaway, contestants must visit the parlor’s website through Friday to submit a description of what makes their mom a super mom. Jacobs will read every entry and select a winner based on who makes the strongest case. The lucky mom will be announced on Serendipity’s Facebook and Instagram pages on Mother’s Day.

The winning mom and nominator will both receive a yearlong membership in Serendipity’s Pint of the Month Club, which entitles each of them to a free pint of ice cream every month. The winners can choose from the parlor’s special flavor of the month or any pre-packed pint. Hand-packed selections are available for a $2 upcharge.

After the pandemic-related challenges of the past year-and-a-half, Jacobs is thrilled to be offering something to spread a little joy in the world – something she feels that people are eager to experience.

“It’s great to be able to be creative again and have fun,” Jacobs says. “I think everybody is happy to be out and about, and ice cream is a big part of that.”

Nominations for the Best Mom contest close this Friday. For more information and to enter, visit