Here’s your Jewish Joke for the week and why we have one



I was recently asked by the mother of an old friend, “Why we do a “Jewish Joke of the Day.”” I responded and she thought I should share my answer.

I believe as Jews, we love to laugh. I believe Jews love to laugh at themselves and laugh at the very things we as Jews, identify as being Jewish. I believe we do it out of love, and not with malice. I also believe that in history, we have used humor to add levity to serious Jewish concerns such as anti-Semitism and the historical mistreatment of our people.  I think the great make-believe comedy writer Benjy Stone said it best, in the movie “My Favorite Year,” “Jews know three things, suffering, where to find great Chinese food, and funny.”

That said, here’s your Jewish Joke Of The Week.  If you have a joke, please email me at [email protected]