Have a look at these vintage ads of the St. Louis Jewish Light


Jordan Palmer, Chief Digital Content Officer

Talk about going down a rabbit hole.

Did you know that every single issue of the St. Louis Jewish Light dating back to February 20, 1947. It’s true.

I was recently looking for an interview conducted by our Editor-In-Chief Robert A. Cohn in 1976, when I found myself looking at page after page after page for the interview. But what really captured my eye and my attention more than the articles, were the advertisements.

The first ad sent me rushing back to the memory of my mother driving my brother and me out to Chesterfield, in matching Adidas headbands, t-shirts, shorts and sweat socks pulled up to our knees to take racquetball lessons, because my dad played racquetball.

The J advertisement

Do you remember Castle Oak? They had great hot dogs at the snack bar.

So, to celebrate the nostalgia of the amazing advertisements of local businesses of the past and present,  we give you these ads from the St. Louis Jewish Light from the newspaper dated May 26, 1976.

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For best viewing, click the Gallery box below. Enjoy!