Hadassah to hold ‘Dream Kitchen Tour’


On Sunday, Oct. 7, St. Louis Chapter Hadassah will host its first Dream Kitchen Tour.

Tour Chairperson Leslie Freeman and Vice President of Signature Events Judy Kramer solicited Susan Fadem, who writes the “At Home With” column for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, to find unique houses. Fadem’s contributions to the Post-Dispatch’s Saturday Lifestyle section provided a great start to the search, but according to Freeman, “people in the community were volunteering to have their houses on the tour, and we already have a waiting list for next year.”

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Hadassah Chapter President Diane Maier provided inspiration for the event. Maier lived near Piedmont, Calif., where an organization has hosted a successful home tour event. Said Kramer, “Diane told us that it was a fun day to get friends together and go from house to house.”

The St. Louis Chapter adopted the idea, hoping to create awareness for Hadassah.

“A lot of people don’t realize what a big power we are as far as making decisions in public affairs, particularly in public health,” Kramer said. “We’ve been available to the Jewish community, but are trying to get the word out to the rest of the community.”

The Kitchen Tour committee selected six houses in Clayton, Frontenac, and Ladue to feature. According to St. Louis Chapter Hadassah Executive Director Joan Denison, tour highlights include a new 18,000 square foot home in Ladue with two kitchens, a Frontenac kitchen featuring hand-crafted tiles with a custom-made granite counter, and a Clayton remodeled kitchen, exemplifying updates within an older home.

“What’s fun about the tour is you’ll see some exquisite, really over-the-top design and some things that you can apply and utilize in your own home, whatever your budget is,” Maier said.

Although the tour features kitchens, those curious to see the rest of the house will have the opportunity. Tour participants will also receive a Dream Kitchen Tour Book with descriptions of the featured kitchens, their designers, suppliers, architects and product brands. The tour book will also include driving instructions to each home.

Explains Kramer, “each house has a team of volunteers in charge of the house for the day. Volunteers will be able to answer any questions about the homes.”

The $25 tickets for the tour benefit Hadassah’s work in medical research and public health education and may be pre-purchased by calling 314-991-0434. On the day of the event, tickets will be available from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at several Starbucks locations: 1500 S. Lindbergh Blvd. (at Clayton); 9820 Clayton Rd. (across from the Ladue Marketplace); 1415 St. Louis Galleria (outside entrance on the Brentwood side of the Galleria).