Greek life – Predominantly Jewish Sororities and Fraternities

Alpha Epsilon Phi (AEPhi)

Founded: 1909 at Barnard College

Motto: “Many hearts, one purpose.”

Colors: Green and white

Mascot: Giraffe

Flower: Lily of the Valley

Jewel: Pearl

Philanthropy: Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Sharsharet

Jewish affiliation: AEPhi considers itself a Jewish sorority, but not a religious organization. Membership is open to all women, regardless of religion, who honor, respect and appreciate AEPhi’s Jewish identity and are comfortable in a culturally Jewish environment.

Members say: “AEPhi attracts a wide range of girls from many different backgrounds throughout the country. We learn from each others’ experiences and bond through our common interest-AEPhi,” said Wash U senior Erica Wenguer.


Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi)

Founded: 1913 at New York University

Motto: “No one could tell me where my soul might be; I searched for God, but He eluded me; I sought my brother out and found all three.”

Colors: Gold and blue

Mascot: Lion

Flower: Fleur-de-lis

Philanthropy: Shaare Zedek Medical Center, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Chai Lifeline

Jewish affiliation: AEPi is a Jewish fraternity, though it is non-discriminatory and open to all who are willing to espouse its purpose and values. According to its website, AEPi “develops leadership for the future of the American Jewish community.”

Members say: “I think that AEPi at Wash. U. really provides an outlet for Jewish students to participate in Jewish activities when they want to, and also allows them to participate in social, philanthropic and other activities when they want to. It’s a great balance of Jewish life and school life,” said senior Matt Held.

Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT)

Founded: 1898 at the City College of New York

Motto: “A powerhouse of excellence.”

Colors: Blue and white with gold trim

Flower: Gold carnation

Philanthropy: Children’s Miracle Network

Jewish affiliation: Proud of its heritage as the nation’s first Jewish fraternity, ZBT aims to preserve and cultivate its relationships within the Jewish community. Since 1954, ZBT has been committed to non-sectarian brotherhood, and values the diversity of its membership.

Members say: “At Wash. U., ZBT is a very diverse group of guys with a very wide range of interests. Everyone is very whole-hearted and genuine and sincere,” said senior Elliott Rosenthal.


Sigma Alpha Mu (Sammy)

Founded: 1909 at the City College of New York

Colors: Purple and white

Flower: Purple aster

Philanthropy: Bounce for Beats (benefits the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation), Alzheimer’s Foundation

Jewish affiliation: All eight of Sammy’s founders were Jewish, and the fraternity continues to appreciate its Jewish heritage and the ethical values of Judaism. Since 1953, membership has been non-sectarian and open to all who honor the fraternity’s traditions.

Members say: “While Sammy is a traditionally Jewish fraternity, we strive for and pride ourselves on the diversity within our membership. Still, our fraternity keeps close ties to its Jewish heritage. For [the student-run] Thurtene Carnival, we partnered with Hillel House to cook latkes, and brothers often host dinners or seders during Jewish holidays. Judaism is present and supported for those who would like it to be a part of their experience with our fraternity, but it is not forced on anyone, Jewish or not, as a member of Sammy,” said junior Charlie Low.