Gift receivers can be gift givers with MERS/Goodwill

Hanukkah has come and gone, yet many homes across St. Louis remain chock-full of unreturned, brand-new holiday gifts.

Nearly two months have passed and still they lie untouched, tucked into corners and collecting dust. Whether the excuse is, “I don’t have the receipt”, “I just didn’t get around to it” or “I was planning on re-gifting them, when in a pinch”, the time has come to put those unused Hanukkah presents to good use.

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“Remember, just because a gift isn’t the right fit, color, size or style doesn’t mean it isn’t just what someone else is looking for,” stated Lew Chartock, President and CEO of MERS/Goodwill,” After all, it did catch the eye and heart of the gift giver.”

Even more rewarding than the savings of re-gifting, are the results that come from donating to Goodwill. Proceeds generated from the sale of goods, so generously donated to Goodwill, fund the organization’s 20 area career training and rehabilitation centers, including strong assistance within the Jewish community.

Serving more than 10,000 individuals annually, it is the region’s largest nonprofit provider of career training and placement services.

Persons with barriers into the workforce, such as lack of education or work experience, welfare dependency, homelessness, and/or physical, mental and emotional disabilities are given the skills needed to obtain more financially independent lives for themselves and their families.

Additionally, items placed for sale in Goodwill’s retail stores, offer families brand-new and nearly-new, quality goods at unbeatable prices.

So take the CD’s, which have already been uploaded into the ipod; the new suede slippers, grandma’s gift — five years and counting; the gently worn v-neck sweater, which aunt Sarah replaced; along with all other items currently cluttering the home and turn them into the ultimate re-gift at Goodwill.

No need to fret, Goodwill accepts donations of any size.

Whether donating smaller items such as clothing, accessories, collectibles, home goods, small appliances, electronics or office supplies or larger items such as medical scooters, wheelchairs, or furniture, Goodwill has the capacity to accept any and all donations … turning the generosity of others into new possibilities.

Remember anyone making a donation is eligible for a tax-deduction of the current year’s filings … a gift which will fit anyone’s size, style or color scheme.

For more information on MERS/Goodwill career training and placement services or to find a donation location near you, contact Jolie Boeger at 314-241-3464, or visit the website