Deadline approaching for Inclusion Mini-Grants

The deadline to submit applications for Jewish Federation of St. Louis’ 2017 Inclusion Mini-Grants is Feb. 28.

The Inclusion Mini-Grants are aimed at helping Jewish agencies and organizations eliminate barriers to active participation of individuals with disabilities and their families in the Jewish community. The grants allow Jewish organizations, schools and agencies to create a culture of inclusion and shift towards an environment where all are welcome. Grants of up to $5,000 will be made for eligible programs and activities, including: building accessibility, technology, support services, staff training, student support, transportation, inclusive programs.

All applicants must be 501c3 nonprofit organizations (no individuals or for-profit businesses). Notification of grant awards will be made in April or May. This is the third and likely final year of the Inclusion Mini-Grants, after which Jewish Federation will be evaluating the best way to address inclusion issues moving forward. To apply or learn more about the grants please visit For more information, contact Susan Scribner at [email protected]