Crown Center, St. Louis NORC receive Women’s Auxiliary grants

Crown Center for Senior Living has received a $25,000 challenge grant from the Women’s Auxiliary for the Jewish Aged (formerly the JCA Auxiliary). Funds are to be directed towards establishing a kosher dairy kitchen — part of Crown Center’s new [email protected] initiative. 

“We are pleased to have earned the continued trust of this dedicated group of volunteers. The kosher dairy café is a cornerstone of our innovative project modeled upon the Chicago-based Mather’s Café Plus. Our goal is to open in the summer of 2014,” states Jeffrey Cohen, President of the Crown Center Board of Directors.

The WAJA grant requires matching donations, and serves as a challenge to motivate others who want to support the agency. A limited number of naming opportunities for various aspects of the projects are still available.

The [email protected] project is being created as a place for residents and community retirees to connect, learn and contribute, and will offer a variety of programs including fitness, gardening, culinary, visual, musical arts programs and volunteer opportunities.

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In addition, the St. Louis Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC) received a $4,500 grant from the Women’s Auxiliary to support its member taxi transportation program and summer celebration activities to celebrate its 10th anniversary year. The St. Louis NORC, a program that supports the healthy aging of older adults in their homes.

The Women’s Auxiliary for the Jewish Aged makes a limited number of grants available to eligible non-profit organizations providing services to seniors.

For more information about Crown Center, visit; for more about St. Louis NORC, visit