Covenant Place starts new tech tutoring program

Covenant Place, a senior living community on the Millstone Campus near Creve Coeur, has started a tech tutoring program for its senior residents. The program pairs high school volunteers with senior learners to teach them how to use Zoom and Facebook Messenger video and how to download various apps. 

“Lots of seniors now have a smartphone but don’t know they have a computer in their hand. Our goal is to try and help as many people who have an interest in learning how to use technology,” said Joan Denison, president and CEO of Covenant Place. 

Volunteers are paired with senior learners one-on-one and lessons are held remotely, over the phone or with video. A similar tech tutoring program had been started five years ago at Covenant Place with in-person classes. But with COVID-19 making digital communication more vital for elderly residents at high risk, the program has been revived with volunteers talking to residents remotely. 

Training is still going on for volunteers and Covenant Place is looking for more people to get involved in this new program. 

“For high schoolers who need community service hours for school, this is a great opportunity to really enrich someone’s life.” says Denison. “We also hope to provide opportunities for the fabulous teens, high school students and even college students in our community who want to do something terrific over the summer.”

For information on how to volunteer, contact program manager Jake Sher at [email protected].