Cooking with Circus Harmony with the greatest of ease

Circus Harmony

By Eric Berger, Associate Editor

Ever think cooking an elaborate meal is like serving as the master of a three-ring circus?

Well, now you can see what it’s really like when circus performers take their act into the kitchen.

Today, Circus Harmony, a St. Louis social circus school, is debuting a free interactive cookbook featuring “recipes for everything from soup to sushi, from thin crust pizza to kale smoothies, from biscuits to blondies to delight your taste buds,” states a news release from the organization, which is led by Jessica Hentoff, who is Jewish and started the nonprofit in 2001 as a way to bring together local Jewish and Muslim children.

The cookbook commemorates the one-year anniversary of the shutdown of normal life in St. Louis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which, of course, also shut down the circus performances.

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The cookbook features 40 recipes paired with acts performed by “Circus Harmony students and teachers with special guest appearances by some precocious pets,” the organization states. “This captivating concoction has everything from a dog grinding coffee to a girl doing contortion inside a microwave to five egg juggling to acrobatic pickles to a turkey on a tightwire and so much more!”

For more information, contact Hentoff at 314-226-3633 or [email protected].