Congratulations to our Outdoor Living Showcase raffle winner! Watch the event HERE

The Jewish Light sends our congratulations to Prue Gershman, the winner of the Outdoor Living Showcase Raffle! Prue has won a prize package worth over $1,000 from our Outdoor Living Showcase raffle item donors: Forshaw of St. Louis • A/R Workshop • Quiet Village Landscaping • Schnarrs Hardware • Weekends Only.

If you missed Wednesday night’s premiere event, you can watch the video anytime (see above).

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s raffle. Funds raised from the Outdoor Living Showcase directly help support the St. Louis Jewish Light’s mission.

We couldn’t do it without our loyal readers. Thank you!

We also owe a special thank you to our amazing Outdoor Living Showcase sponsors:

Baker Pool Construction • Harvey Kornblum Foundation • R.J. Mayer Homebuilders • Gershman Mortgage • Midwest BankCentre • Beth Manlin Realtor • Garden Heights Nursery • Allen Outdoor Solutions • Douglas Cohen • Pernikoff Construction Company • County Living Magazine