Chabad offers six-week course

Chabad of Greater St. Louis is set to unveil Beyond Belief, an intriguing new six-week course which provides an innovative look at the process whereby our daily lives may be enriched and deepened by thinking about matters of faith. Fresh, provocative, and insightful, the course is designed to help students take a closer look at how their beliefs can bring meaning to their lives and guide their choices in the real world.

Beyond Belief draws on thirteen key principles of faith identified by Maimonides, the pre-eminent Jewish thinker, and examines the logic and role each principle plays in shaping Judaism’s world view. Students will have the opportunity to grapple with ideas that may at first seem remote, and to gain insight into the process by which these beliefs are shaped and expanded in Jewish thought, and how they provide the building blocks that enable us to gain a deepened and nuanced understanding of what it means to live as a Jew.


“How does G-d communicate with us? Is there an afterlife? Is there reward and punishment? “Many people grapple with fundamental questions of belief and its place in their lives, ” explains Rabbi Yosef Landa, presenter of the course and Regional Director of Chabad. “I am often called upon to answer questions that are asked by persons of every religious persuasion, ” says Rabbi Landa. “Beyond Belief will provide insight into many of these questions and, more importantly, will address the inner struggle that many people feel when considering issues of faith. “

Beyond Belief is presented in conjunction with the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI), the adult education arm of the world-wide Chabad movement. Like all JLI courses, Beyond Belief presents the subject matter in a way that is both challenging yet accessible. Students will have the opportunity to encounter classic primary texts and engage in thoughtful and open discussion.

The course will be offered at The Center of Clayton, 50 Gay Avenue in Clayton, on six Tuesday evenings, 7:30 to 9:00 pm, starting February 12. The fee for the entire course is $75, which includes the student textbook. Any two first-time students can register together for only $100. Additionally, one may enroll to attend the first lesson free of charge without obligation to continue with the course.

JLI’s classes and programs, now offered in over 300 locations in over 250 cities nationwide, as well as internationally, and have been attended by nearly 75,000 people since JLI’s creation in 1998.

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