Caleb On The Cardinals | The Top 5 Pitchers on the Cardinals

Caleb on the Cardinals


My name is Caleb Van Grack.  I am 11-years-old, I belong to Temple Shalom in Maryland and I have been a Cardinals fan since I was 3, but I’ve never lived in St. Louis. My dad, Adam Van Grack, went to school in St. Louis and passed on his love for Cardinals baseball to me. 

Pitchers are important because they are involved with every single play with every single batter.  The Cardinals have some of the best pitchers in the league.  

Most of these pitchers are young, but a few are older.  In this article, I will assess which pitchers on the Cardinals are the best.  I have viewed or watched all of the pitchers on the Cardinals that I think will make the Opening Day Roster.  Here are who I think are the 5 best pitchers on the Cardinals:

1. Adam Wainwright. The reason why I think Adam Wainwright deserves the #1 place on this list is because he has a lot of experience including 13 years of more wins than losses. This winning experience will help him make judgments to know what to do to win in the future. You can see five reasons why Adam Wainwright will do better than expected this season.

2. Jack Flaherty. I think Jack Flaherty should be included in the top 5 because his fastballs have really good aim. This aim is beneficial because he can trick the batter into thinking that he is pitching a ball when he is actually pitching a strike or vice versa.

3. Jordan Hicks. The reason Jordan Hicks should be on this list is because of his incredibly fast pitches (once over 105 mph). This amazingly fast pitch helps him because the batter will not have time to hit the ball.

4. Alex Reyes. The reason why Alex Reyes is destined for greatness is that his pitches have dramatic movement. This amazing skill is helpful because it will confuse the batter. Alex Reyes has not given up a single run this spring training.

5. Ryan Helsley.  Ryan Helsley has two incredibly good pitches (fourseem fastball and slider). This incredible skill helps because he will have variety in pitches so the batter will not know what is coming next. He also has not given up a single run this spring training.