Caleb On The Cardinals | 5 Reasons Adam Wainwright Will Do Better Than Expected in 2021

Caleb on the Cardinals


Adam Wainwright is one of the best pitchers on the St. Louis Cardinals.  I have looked at stats and performances, and I have created 5 reasons why he will be a stellar player this year. 

(1) Adam Wainwright has had 13 years of more wins than losses, including the last two years. This winning experience is beneficial because he will know what to for success from experience.

(2) In 2020, Adam Wainwright tied for the most complete games in the National League. This great stat is evidence that he will pitch well in 2021.

(3) Adam Wainwright is performing well in Spring Training this year. This performance most likely means he will also be stellar during the regular season.

(4) Last year, Adam Wainwright pitched less than a normal season, like all players. This rest is beneficial for him because Adam pitches better with rest, and this year he will come back stronger.

(5) Adam Wainwright has a large variety of pitches to choose from compared to most pitchers. Most pitches today pitch 1 or 2 strong types of pitches. Adam Wainwright’s strong pitch variety will help him confuse the batters on pitch variety will help him confuse the batters on what pitch he will throw.  

In conclusion, regardless of his wins this year, Adam Wainwright will always be one of the greatest Cardinals pitchers of all time.