BSKI/Shaare Zedek announce name for merged synagogue

Kol Rinah will be the name of the new synagogue created by the merger of Brith Sholom Kneseth Israel in Richmond Heights and Shaare Zedek Synagogue in University City, according to the new board of directors for the merged synagogue. 

Gary Kodner, chair of the joint committee on communications (and a trustee of the Jewish Light) explained the name: “Kol Rinah” (“Voice of Joy” or “Joyous Voice”) “embodies the new spirit of Conservative Judaism in the Midwest. It radiates the joy of worship, learning and Jewish music both in and out – into our souls and out to the families, friends and community.”


The congregations voted in September to merge. Earlier in December,  24 board members were named for the new institution, 12 from each of the congregations. 

As per the merger agreement, BSKI president Sue Cort will continue in that role for the joined synagogue while Shaare Zedek president Mitch Shenker will be the new board chair.

Earlier this month, Kodner told the Jewish Light the board had set a general target date of March 1 for the new synagogue to begin operations. 

In the meantime, the parent organizations continue to exist as normal. In fact, Kodner noted that Shaare Zedek just elected a new board, presumably its last, which will begin serving in January.