B’nai El adopts new Reform prayer book

In a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors on Tuesday February 12, B’nai El Congregation adopted Mishkan Tefilah: A Reform Siddur as its primary Prayer Book. B’nai El had used several of the pilot editions of the book in prior years and since December had been using the final version of Mishkan Tefilah to determine if the book was appropriate for regular use. Through a series of classes, services and discussions, both the Ritual Committee and the Board of B’nai El came to the conclusion that the congregation was ready to accept Mishakn Tefilah.

Rabbi Daniel Plotkin, an advocate for adoption of Mishkan Tefilah, said, “This decision at this time is a statement by B’nai El that we are at the forefront of the Reform Movement and that we want our services to be as open and accessible to everyone in attendance. ” The book features transliteration for those who do not read Hebrew and explanations of many of the prayers. In addition, the creative English readings for the Mishkan Tefilah were chosen to reflect and integrated theology in which all Jewish theological points of view would be represented.