B’nai Amoona comes together for service

B’nai Amoona comes together for service


Working together to help others was the goal of Congregation B’nai Amoona on Sunday at the “Totally Tikkun Olam” event. Volunteers, including congregation parents and students from grades K-12, came together to make this event a resounding success.

Participants took part in service activities, creating meals-to-go, trail mix, and ready-to-make soup packets and making fabric dolls for children in local hospitals.

The ideas for the stations were conceived by the planning committee members, Bonnie Benz, Lisa Binowitz, Heidi Friedman, and Shari Whay.

The Meals-To-Go station made spaghetti dinners that would go directly to the Jewish Food Pantry.

Leah F. Silberman Bernstein, religious school director and event coordinator for Totally Tikkun Olam, said “We will be making 400 pasta meals, and then we will send them to the Jewish Food Pantry.”

The Soup Packet station was set-up on a round table, and parents and children worked feverishly to make the ready-to-cook soups. The soup packets included several different types of beans and spices and were put into zip-lock plastic bags.

After the event, Leah F. Silberman Bernstein was smiling for two reasons: The community came together and made the event successful. “The main purpose of this event was to engage the students in activating the Jewish values we are teaching them in our religious school. “

Several corporations, including Michael’s, Office Essentials, and Office Max, sponsored the event. Other stations available were sponsored by organizations such as Jewish Family and Children Service, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and the Jonathan Goldberg Memorial.

The congregation of B’nai Amoona came together on Sunday and gave their time and effort to help others, and each participant left the event knowing that they had helped others and made a difference in someone’s life.