A St. Louis author’s new book is one with a specific goal. To demystify the tactics necessary to find and land a good job so that anyone new to America, and the country itself will thrive and succeed.

“Welcome to the U.S.A.-You’re Hired! A Guide for Foreign-Born People Seeking Jobs,” was written by Betsy H. Cohen. The book officially launches today, Citizenship Day, Sept. 17, 2021.

Cohen is the Executive Director of the St. Louis Mosaic Project, a program of the World Trade Center-St. Louis within the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership. Cohen has helped hundreds of foreign-born job seekers network toward employment that matches their talent and expertise.

“Over the years, I found myself answering many of the same questions from foreign-born job seekers – from how to format a U.S. style resume, whether an Americanized name should be used, the importance of networking and how to overcome cultural workplace styles, and when to seek assistance from an immigration attorney. I posted advice on these topics on social media, and many immigrants asked that I put the information and tips in a book,” said Cohen.

“Welcome to the U.S.A.-You’re Hired!” provides guidance on how to build and develop the American job search network, how to prepare for different interview types, how to discuss job offers, and how to succeed in American organizations. The case studies and advice make this an engaging and informative guide.

One of those helped by Cohen and her efforts is Sivan Weitzman, who came to the United States from Israel.

“I came to the U.S. after a long and successful career in Israel, and suddenly, you are back to square one where you don’t know anyone, missing the one that can vouch for you, and all your reputation vanishes,” said Weitzman.

Weitzman connected with Cohen a few months before her family arrived in St. Louis.

“She connected me with key players on the local ecosystem, including Anne Schlafly and Susan Gobbo from The Mosiac Project. Betsy, Anne, and Susan are working hard to connect newcomers to the Saint Louis business community.”
With their help, Weitzman began assembling her own network. It wasn’t easy, but in the end, she says she found her perfect match.

As for Cohen, examples like Sivan Weitzman’s story are exactly why she wrote her book.

“The most satisfying feeling is that the knowledge the twelve expert contributors and I put in the book¬† will make a positive impact on the ability of foreign-born people to get a better job faster than without it, which helps their lives and at the same time helps our American economy which needs workers.
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