Annual NCJW event set for Oct. 5


For those looking for fall fashions who also want to help a local cause, the National Council of Jewish Women St. Louis Section’s Couturier Cocktail Party will take place on Thursday, Oct. 5 this year, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the home of Barry and Sheri Glantz, 6 Shardue Lane in Creve Coeur.

The event features an informal fashion show, courtesy of Chico’s and Distinctions, as well as raffles and door prizes, and is to kick off the NCJW Resale Shop’s Couturier Sale, which takes place Oct. 19-21, where fine items that have been held back are sold, such as a 2003 Cadillac, a 12-place set of china, and name brand clothing and accessories.

Participants are asked to bring one fashionable, quality accessory or item of clothing for the NCJW Resale Shop’s Couturier Sale, and there is a $25 admission fee for members, and $35 for non-members. There are also sponsorship opportunities for $100.

“The money goes toward helping fund NCJW projects,” said Jill Esrock, the chair of the event. Those projects include the NCJW Back-to-School Store — which provides new clothing, school supplies, and personal care items to deserving children heading back to school, the Kids Community Closet — which is intended to be a follow-up to the children served at the Back-to-School Store, the Jewish Food Pantry, Mentor St. Louis, Oral History — where a trained volunteer preserves family histories for future generations through taped interviews with family members, Reproductive Health Services of Planned Parenthood, and Wife-Widow-Woman — a support group for women of all ages, races, and religions, who have been widowed.

“It is also a nice time for members to get together and socialize,” she said.

The NCJW Resale shop, located at 8612 Olive Blvd., sells new and gently used clothing and accessories for the entire family, home items, electronics, and some furniture. Proceeds from the shop benefit women, children, and families in St. Louis.

Joyce Kosky, the honorary chair of the event, has been a member of the council for approximately 60 years. Kosky also has a background in the fashion field, and has been involved in the sale for many years.

“Having been in the fashion business for so long, I guess they felt I was the right person to be honorary chair,” Kosky said.

Esrock said the event generally selects “a member that has been very active throughout the years in NCJW, and has contributed a great deal of her time and effort and concerns to the organization.”

Ellen Alper, executive director of the local chapter of NCJW, said she considers the couturier sale to be “the event for NCJW in the fall to raise funds to support our community projects and advocacy work in the St. Louis community.”

“It brings our members and supporters together to celebrate the accomplishments of NCJW, as well as work for the future,” Alper said.

For more information about the couturier cocktail party or sale call 314-993-5181.

Keren Douek is an assistant editor and can be reached at [email protected].