Andy Cohen gets star treatment during St. Louis Walk of Fame induction

Bill Motchan, Special to the Jewish Light

During the May 5 unveiling of Andy Cohen’s star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame, the Jewish St. Louis native and TV personality called it, “A mitzvah to have my parents and my son and my sister Emily here, and my running buddies since I began my journey.”

The festivities began with a brass band, followed by an introduction by the founder of the local Walk of Fame, Joe Edwards, who said, “This weekend there are two coronations. One is tomorrow in England, the other and the most important coronation is here today. I am extremely honored to induct into the St. Louis Walk of Fame one of the most exciting and influential media personalities ever.”

Following the unveiling of the star, Cohen, 54, told the large gathering, “I am completed honored and flattered, and moved that you are here. We did this in Hollywood last year, but I gotta tell you, there is no place like home. And there is no place like this legendary strip here in U. City.

“Growing up here, we went to Streetside Records,” he said. “We went to Vintage Vinyl. We went to Cicero’s to hear live music and one of my favorite places ever, Blueberry Hill. Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without seeing Jake’s Leg at The Pageant. This is a historic strip. I love St. Louis, and I love representing St. Louis every night on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ (which airs on Bravo).

“My career started here doing odd jobs at my family’s business, Allen Foods. I owe a big debt of thanks to my wonderful vice principal at Clayton High School, Doris Randolph. Miss Randolph opened the door for my career in television by setting me up to work as an intern in the summer at Channel 4. I was 17 years old. I was probably the youngest intern they ever had. It made a huge impact on me. Then I took off for the big city, but on days like today, I thank and think of Miss Randolph.”