AJC plans #JewishandProud Day on Jan. 6 in response to anti-Semitism


American Jewish Committee (AJC) is encouraging people to participate in #JewishandProud Day on Monday, Jan. 6. 

“Enough is enough,” said AJC CEO David Harris in a statement. “We will not shy away from publicly displaying, celebrating our Jewish identity and faith.”

AJC said the initiative comes “amidst surging anti-Semitism in the U.S., with a series of violent attacks in December alone, and continuing antisemitic attacks across Europe.”

In October, an AJC survey found that 31 percent of Jews in the U.S. avoid publicly wearing, carrying or displaying things that might help people identify them as Jews, and 25 percent avoid certain places, events or situations at least some of the time out of concern for their safety or comfort as Jews.

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To participate in #JewishandProud on Jan. 6, sign up at www.AJC.org/jewish-and-proud and print the #JewishandProud sign for public display and for photos to post on social media. That day, AJC encourages Jews to: 

1. Wear a kippah, a necklace with a Jewish symbol, a t-shirt written in Hebrew or anything else identifiably Jewish, and exhibit one’s Jewishness publicly and proudly.

2. Post a photo showing Jewish pride on social media using the hashtag #JewishandProud. Include a sentence explaining why you are proud to be Jewish.

3. Hold up the #JewishandProud sign, and post a photo of yourself with the sign, ideally in an easily identifiable location, or add a caption to explain the background.

AJC encourages people who are not Jewish to participate, posting photos and comments in support of the Jewish community in this perilous time, and sharing on www.AJC.org/jewish-and-proud what they will do in 2020 to support the Jewish community.

“The St. Louis region has a strong ecumenical tradition. We know that an attack on any faith group is an attack on all of us,” said AJC St. Louis Regional Director Nancy Lisker, in a statement. “There is no place for anti-Semitism or hate against anybody.”