Adelstein gets national Hadassah award

Cheryl Adelstein of St. Louis, community activist and Director of Community Relations and Local Government Affairs for Washington University in St. Louis, was presented with the Hadassah National Leadership Award at the St. Louis Chapter’s annual meeting and installation of the 2008-2009 Board of Directors.

The prestigious award is presented to members whose leadership accomplishments within Hadassah, in addition to other civic, educational and cultural organizations, reflect Hadassah’s dedication to the principles of the volunteer ethic. The award is of particular significance since recipients are selected by their peers and represent a wide range of achievements.

Adelstein is a Life Member of St. Louis Chapter Hadassah and serves in leadership positions on numerous committees. She is a national certified Hadassah leadership development trainer and has taken a particularly dynamic role advocating on behalf of women and children’s health and the stem cell issue both at the state and federal legislative levels.

Chapter president, Diane Maier commented, “Cheryl exemplifies leadership. She brings her organizational and creative skills to every task she undertakes. She is a role model for the St. Louis Chapter.”

Adelstein is married with two daughters. She has gifted both with Hadassah life memberships.