3 reasons why Dylan Carlson might win Rookie of the Year


My name is Caleb Van Grack.  I am 11-years-old, I belong to Temple Shalom in Maryland and I have been a Cardinals fan since I was 3, but I’ve never lived in St. Louis. My dad, Adam Van Grack, went to school in St. Louis and passed on his love for Cardinals baseball to me. 

In my opinion Dylan Carlson is one of the best rookies on the Cardinals and all of baseball. Many people would agree. Dylan Carlson played very  well in the MLB playoffs last year for the Cardinals, but because he did not play a full season, he is still a rookie in 2021. Here are three reasons why Dylan Carlson has a good chance to win Rookie of the Year in 2021.

1. Dylan Carlson had a 1.016 OPS in the MLB playoffs last year. An OPS above 1.000 is a great stat for the regular season but the playoffs are a lot more difficult.  So in a full regular season, he could do better, and such a figure could make him Rookie of the Year.

2. In 2020, 42.1% of Dylan Carlson’s contacts in the regular season were hard hit balls. This percentage is good because it means Dylan Carlson is more likely to get hits or even a home run.

3. Dylan Carlson had above a .910 OPS in AA and AAA seasons combined. This figure shows that Dylan Carlson has had success in every top minor league.