Making new music at home

2019 file photo of David and Jeff Lazaroff.

Earlier this month, the Jewish Light revisited several talented St. Louis area Jewish musicians featured previously in the paper to see how they were faring through the pandemic. Among them were David and Jeff Lazaroff, a.k.a. the Brothers Lazaroff, who are well known in the community for their eclectic style and for supporting humanitarian efforts. Their annual Hanukkah Hullabaloo fundraiser is a must-attend bash featuring everything from reggae to latkes fried onstage.

Now the brothers have completed their latest work, which is pretty amazing considering it was finished while they were quarantined. The new EP, released last Sunday, is known as “Breathe With You.” The collection of new original compositions was in the works prior to the pandemic but the Lazaroffs found inspiration in part from being confined to their homes.

A few weeks ago, David Lazaroff told the Light, “during the first week of the quarantine, we were trying to keep the panic and anxiety in check.  I don’t think either one of us was really feeling the music much.” That changed when the brothers listened to “Murder Most Foul” the recently released 17-minute Bob Dylan mediation on the death of JFK and American culture. Dylan has long inspired the Lazaroff’s work and they’ve seen him play live on many occasions.

Another event that led the brothers to complete the six-song “Breathe With You” compilation was the April 7 death of music legend John Prine. They wanted to honor Prine, a master songwriter, by finishing the EP while sheltering at home. They did it through a mix of new technology (video calls) and old—four microphones and two vintage acoustic guitars, David on a 1958 Martin OO-18 and Jeff on a 1963 Epiphone Caballero.

The EP is available for purchase and can be downloaded here:


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