Lynn’s at it again, too

Lynn Hamilton has started an online niche T-shirt business. 

By Ellen Futterman, Editor

Serial entrepreneur Lynn Hamilton has gone into the T-shirt business, with a mash-up brand of her own Olympic making.

“These are niche T-shirts that focus on things that are not Olympic sports but that people take as seriously, such as shopping, chocolate and yoga,” explained Hamilton, 74, creator of the CASE (Celebrating Art for Senior Engagement) Fest and founder of Maturity and Its Muse. 

Her yoga tee depicts an adorable pooch in the cobra position on a yoga mat. The back of the shirt reads: “Olympic Yoga Team.” 

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Hamilton explained that she likes new business challenges because “it makes me look in different directions. It stretches my thinking.” 

Previous ventures include a retail store that sold chocolate-covered popcorn and an art gallery.

“None of these (businesses) are large ventures financially, which I suppose is good and bad, but they keep my mind going and allow me to call on people and stay engaged,” she added.

All the T-shirts are 100 percent cotton, eco-friendly and made in the United States. They range in price from $37.75 to $39.50. And as Hamilton points out, “these aren’t T-shirts that just hang. They are made to fit your body well.”

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