Love comes knocking, singles vaccinations and other thoughts…

Laurie Goldberg

By Laurie Goldberg

Let’s start this week with a couple of thoughts about single life: 

• My mom always says I have to keep putting myself out there…that no one is going to come knocking at my door. Well, for once, she’s wrong. A few days ago a neighbor of mine knocked on my door and asked me out on a date. As my cousin said, I believe that’s God doing God’s part…I just sat on my couch for that one!

• I passed a sign along Olive St. Rd. the other day and I did a double take because I thought it said “Singles Vaccinations” and I was so confused…I couldn’t understand how scientists had developed a vaccination against being single!! Seconds later I realized the sign said “sHingles Vaccinations” and I had a good laugh at having had such a crazy thought! I’m sure someone could analyze that…

• There’s a Jewish saying that finding one’s partner is more difficult than the miracle of God splitting the Red Sea. Maybe for older singles, finding one’s partner is more difficult than that miracle plus perhaps the miracle of the burning bush? Just wondering…

Okay, so now let’s talk about the “big” news. I re-joined JDate.

I decided that new people join all the time and I shouldn’t rule it out a possible avenue for dating. Can’t hurt, right? Also I have made a nice male friend through JDate that I go out with sometimes, so it can be a good way to make friends too if the dating part doesn’t work out.

I changed my relocation answer to “no” on the matchmaking site and the well has dried up. My matchmaker said that by the time men have reached my age or older, they’re usually well established in their line of work and it’s too difficult for them to start over somewhere else.

That’s another difference between dating when you’re 25, as opposed to when you’re 45. It’s just a reality…one of my favorite sayings is, “It is what it is.”

I remain optimistic.