Looking back: 1969 editorial commemorates moon landing

Editorial on Moon landing

In reviewing past editions of the Light, we came across this editorial from July 30, 1969, written by then-editor Bob Cohn after Neil Armstrong’s historic first steps on the moon:

For centuries the moon has been the object of veneration for the major civilizations of mankind. To many ancient peoples, the moon was a fertility symbol. Moon goddesses were worshipped by most ancient cultures. Love songs have been inspired by the moon, and wolves have howled to it since time in memoriam.

Because of its belief in one incorporeal God, Judaism has not ascribed as much religious or symbolic significance to our closest celestial neighbor. Indeed, the Scriptures prescribe harsh penalties for those who worshipped the pagan moon-goddess Ishtar…

The historic voyage of Apollo 11 has suddenly renewed the importance of the moon not only to Jews, but to all mankind. Suddenly the dreams of science fiction writers have become reality. The courage of the Astronauts, and the almost uncanny perfection of their mission was indeed, as Neil Armstrong put it, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” …  

…The success of Apollo 11 proves that singleminded determination and high priority can accomplish a goal at one time thought impossible. The same kind of raw courage and boldness will be needed to eliminate hunger, to rebuild our cities, to purify our atmosphere, to cure disease, and to achieve peace in places like the Middle East, Vietnam, and Nigeria/Biafra.


Let us take that next giant step for mankind.