‘Let it Go,’ Passover’s new ‘Dayenu’

“Let it Go,” the wildly popular and Academy Award-winning song from Disney’s “Frozen” has made Jewish singer/actress Idina Menzel into a household name.

It’s also spawned a slew of Passover-related parody videos, of widely varying quality, on YouTube. (And you thought you were the only person to make the connection between “let it go” and “let my people go”?)


Kveller, the Jewish parenting site, has compiled a list of the five best, and we’ve embedded one here. Check them all out and e-mail [email protected] if you find an even better version — or if you would like to share your own “Let it Go” Passover lyrics in an easily printable format that can be inserted into a Haggadah. We just might publish it on “The Telegraph.”

Passover Parody of Let it Go – “Let Us Go” from Chuck Green on Vimeo.

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Julie Wiener Julie Wiener is a features writer for JTA. Previously, she was the associate editor of The New York Jewish Week, where she wrote about education, food and assorted other topics along with intermarriage.