Jon Stewart and Mort Klein agree: Obama is full of it

Sign that your presidency is in danger of losing all credibility: Both the ZOA’s Mort Klein and “The Daily Show’s” Jon Stewart are declaring that you’re full of it.

First the Zionist Organization of America. A staunch critic of a two-state solution and Israeli concessions to the Palestinians, the group issued a statement connecting President Obama’s flimsy healthcare pledge to the question of whether folks can trust his commitment to keeping Iran from getting nuclear weapons:

President Barack Obama has repeatedly stated for more than five years –– since before he was elected President –– that he will “never, never” allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons. He has also repeatedly stated that, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. Period.”

The ZOA is deeply concerned that his Iranian pledge is as untrue as his health care pledge.


Then Tuesday night Stewart delivered this gem:

I should add that Stewart does a good job of noting that Obamacare’s critics have some issues of their own and that many of the points raised by the ZOA to slam Obama on Iran could just as easily been made about the Bush administration.

But the bottom line is that Obama administration has a growing credibility problem. And the implications on the Iranian issue could be profound. Even if the president fully intends to stand firm, does it matter if an increasing number of people don’t believe his word is ironclad?

Ami Eden is JTA’s CEO and editor in chief, responsible for overseeing all aspects of the agency’s operations, including editorial, business, marketing and fundraising. Before joining JTA in the summer of 2007, he served as executive editor of the Forward newspaper and the founding editor of the Jewish Daily Forward Web site. He also worked as an editor of the Jewish Exponent in Philadelphia.