Jews in the News


Top row, from left: Dr. Kenneth M. Ludmerer, Mark Platt, Marvin Goldfarb, Dr. Craig Reiss, Tom Ruwitch and Aura Kavadlo. 

Second row, from left: Michelle Mills, Richard Halpern, Keith Cohen,  Jacob Cedergreen, Howard Lerner and Nancy Novack.  

Third row, from left: Zoe Rosenberg, Jean Harris Sokora, Keith Alper, Barry Glantz, Steve Finkelstein and Scott Bernstein. 

Fourth row, from left: Yossi Rovinsky, Adira Weisel, Georgia Laird, Sol Hermelin, Isabella Yampol and Elisheva Kent. 

Bottom row, from left: Yonah Shafner, Noa Rose, Merritt Mamroth, Amy Ruth Shapiro and Dr. Jay Pepose