Jewish Student Union at Wash U.

Jewish Student Union works with other campus Jewish organizations to offer diverse programming and events. Shown is Matisyahu (right), whom JSU brought to campus in 2009, for an acoustic set in Graham Chapel.Jewish Light file photo by Sam Guzik

Just as every member of the student body at Washington University is a member of Student Union, every person on campus who identifies as a Jew is technically part of an umbrella organization for Jewish students called the Jewish Student Union (JSU).

The JSU works with the other Jewish organizations on campus to coordinate programming that appeals to a diverse range of students. In 2009, the JSU brought Hasidic reggae musician Matisyahu to campus and co-partnered with WSI to bring Israeli singer-songwriter Idan Raichel to Wash. U. for an Israel benefit concert. The organization also co-hosted a Purim Party with Chabad last spring.

The JSU aims to both educate other students about Judaism and to teach its members about other religions. In the past JSU has co-sponsored Pluralism Week, held an interfaith Shabbat each semester, and encouraged its members to attend a Catholic mass. Its members put their own spin on Holocaust Awareness Week, a national event that takes place every March, using the week to promote awareness of modern genocide.

For more information, contact JSU’s staff advisor, Rayna Schaff at [email protected] or 314-935-9044.