Jewish Student Union


Jewish Student Union (JSU) of St. Louis led a delegation to AIPAC’s Schusterman High School Summit. Five young leaders from St. Louis joined more than 400 students from select Jewish Day Schools, synagogue youth groups, and teen leadership organizations nationwide. The summit aims to educate students on the U.S.-Israel relationship to help them become effective pro-Israel political activists on and beyond their school campus. The young activists spent three days engaging in educational sessions, stimulating discussions and debriefings on issues including current negotiations with Iran, oversight of Gaza reconstruction and the U.S.-Israel Strategic Partnership Act.  Delegates also had the opportunity to hear from experts on the US Israel relationship and the Israel Palestinian conflict.  The summit concluded with all the delegates converging on Capital Hill to lobby elected officials on topics of mutual concern and benefit to both U.S. and Israeli interests.  Pictured from left are Rabbi Mike Rovinsky JSU Director, Yossi Rovinsky, Aaron Koshner, Tova Cohen, Noa Rose and Gabby Messnier.