Jewish Federation / Women’s Philanthropy

Emily Stein MacDonald (Event Co-Chair), Marianne Chervitz (Development Associate), Michelle Rubin (WP Chair), Sivan Yari (Featured Speaker, Founder & CEO of Innovation: Africa), Angela Flotken (WP Vice Chair, Engagement), Bonnie Solomon (Event Co-Chair) and Julie Gibbs (Director of WP).

On Feb. 23, more than 300 women gathered at Lambert-St. Louis Airport for a Women’s Philanthropy event celebrating Jewish women’s volunteer organizations in St. Louis. Sivan Ya’ari, Founder and CEO of Innovation: Africa, shared her story of how she started Innovation Africa and deliver an empowering message of how each of us can share an idea and change the world. The event included a dedication by the Fox Family, in loving memory of Greg Fox z”l, honoring Jewish women volunteers in St. Louis.

Pictured above: Pamela Fox Clamen, Merle Cotlar Fox and Cheri Fox, representing the Fox Family which dedicated the event in loving memory of Greg Fox z”l, honoring the Jewish Women volunteers in St. Louis.