Israeli visitors


Pictured from left are: Eve Golden (League Board Member), Carol Portman (a past President of the Missouri State League of Women Voters), Ashi Fachler (photographer), Rutie Eckdish (translator/ interpreter), Lana Aizenshtadt (Founder/CEO, Kol Oleh NGO), Yael Boim-Fein (Head of Educational Programs, Beit Avichai), Samia Diab (Dep. Director, Leo Baeck Community Center), Nancy Miller (Co-President-elect, LWVMSTL) and Linda Claire McDaniel (Co-President, LWVMSTL). In the background are 15,000 copies of the Voter’s Guide for the April 4 election awaiting distribution. More than 300,000 copies of the guide were printed and distributed as a joint effort by the LWVMSTL and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Photo: J. Golden