Israeli reality stars don’t wait for gas masks

It pays to be the star of a reality show.

Israelis who flocked to a Tel Aviv gas mask distribution site on Monday were floored when the distribution of protective kits was halted to allow a camera crew to film a scene for a reality show. In the scene, the unnamed star refuses to wait in line for her gas mask, Haaretz reported. Meanwhile, other Israelis — including pregnant women and elderly people — waited outside in the 90-degree heat for several hours until they were admitted to the building.

The filming itself took only about 20 minutes, but setting up in the distribution center took longer. Clerks handing out the gas masks left their posts to help set up the scene for filming.

To add insult to injury, neither the film crew nor the clerks apologized for the delay.

The Israeli postal service, which is in charge of gas mask distribution, later apologized for the incident and said it would look into it.

Marcy Oster is a JTA correspondent in Israel. She worked at the Cleveland Jewish News for nearly 12 years and was senior staff reporter when she made aliyah in 2000. She has won several awards for her writing from organizations including The Press Club of Cleveland, Society for Professional Journalists, Women in Communications and the American Jewish Press Association.