Instagram contest seeks college students’ takes on John Lewis’ legacy

U.S. Rep. John Lewis speaks at the University of New Hampshire School of Law in 2012. Photo: Babette Rittmeyer

By Ellen Futterman, Editor-in-Chief

Webster University and Dance the Vote are partnering on a non-partisan voting initiative to encourage voter registration and participation in the 2020 elections in honor of John Lewis. 

​Congressional representative Lewis’ legacy is an essential part of civil rights and American civic history. To honor this impact and influence on college students, Webster University and Dance the Vote invites any university students to post any multi-media, images, videos, music, dance, painting, sculpture, poetry, or any other artistic expression inspired by his legacy. 

​Any enrolled college or university student should post their media of choice (no longer than 60 seconds) on Instagram considering the following questions:

• Who is John Lewis? 

• What did he do? 

• What does John Lewis’ idea of “Good Trouble” mean to me? 

• How can we protect Lewis’ legacy?

• Why should we vote to honor him?

Media should not be longer than 60 seconds in length and include the tags @WebsterU, @DanceTheVoteSTL, @WebsterVotes, and #JohnLewis in the caption. Eligibility for the Good Trouble Contest ends Oct. 19. Finalists will have their media featured on the official Webster University Instagram each day from Oct. 21-25.

​Four prize winners will receive $250 and one grand prize winner will receive $500. All prizes are sponsored courtesy of Dance the Vote. Each winner and finalist will be chosen by the contest committee with consideration given to content, style, creativity, and total social media likes. 

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