Food pantry partners with USDA for ‘ABCs of Summer Produce’

View the ABCs of Sumer Produce poster at

Jewish Family & Children’s Service (JF&CS) announces a community partnership with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to launch its newest project for the Harvey Kornblum Jewish Food Pantry. The St. Louis-based agency is one of only 13 organizations in the state of Missouri to become a Community Partner. “Share Your Harvest – The ABCs of Summer Produce” creates the perfect solution for parents seeking to provide fun and rewarding activities for their children during the summer months.

In conjunction with its “Share Your Harvest” program for the food pantry, JF&CS has created a helpful poster, “The ABCs of Summer Produce,” to encourage children to incorporate fresh produce into their diets- and to donate these same types of items to the food pantry. Most importantly, parents can teach their children from an early age the value of charitable giving.

“The ABCs” poster is designed for parents to hang on their refrigerators or bulletin boards for children to check off fruits, vegetables, grains, protein foods and herbs they have tried or given as a donation to the food pantry. Gardening can be a wonderful summer project for parents and children to enjoy together, and “The ABCs” will help families choose seasonal produce.

Through the “Share Your Harvest” program, backyard gardeners are asked to donate any excess – but fresh and undamaged- produce to the food pantry. The food pantry coordinates recipes to be used with its supply of herbs, fruits and vegetables to ensure pantry guests are given access to a healthful and balanced diet. “The ABCs” adds a colorful and visual reminder to donate these much-needed products during the lull of the non-holiday season.

First launched in July 2010, “Share Your Harvest” is the brainchild of Laura Silver, step-daughter of the late Harvey Kornblum for whom the JF&CS food pantry is named. After a bumper crop left Silver with more fruits and vegetables than her family could eat, she was inspired to give the surplus to the food pantry.

“I had too many crops and thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could take these to a place where people who really needed fresh food could go and get it?'” said Silver, who also is a Jewish Light Board of Trustee. “The solution was truly beneficial for all parties involved.”

Produce drop-off times are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 10950 Schuetz Road. Call 314-993-1000 for other arrangements, or e-mail Donald Meissner, Community Outreach Coordinator, at [email protected].

Donors may continue to bring other kinds of products along with fresh produce. All unopened, unexpired non-glass container items are graciously accepted.