Elsewhere: ‘Sunrise, Sun-get,’ Separated Before Birth, Girls And Tefillin

Aguna “Sunrise, Sun-get”
A radio segment explores the difficulties faced by Orthodox women unable to obtain a divorce.(This American Life)

Brazilian capoeira, haredi style 
Two brothers bring the Brazilian martial art, which combines dance, acrobatics and music, to haredi Orthodox Jews in Bnei Brak.(Daily Mail)

Separated before birth
Two Tulane University students — one Jewish —  discover they are half-sisters, because their moms used the same Colombian sperm donor. (Times of Israel)

Why we let girls don tefillin 
In his Shabbat sermon, Ramaz Principal and Kehilath Jeshurun Rabbi Haskel Lookstein explains the halachic basis for formalizing a policy.(Kehilath Jeshurun)

Uncovering  the ‘Holocaust by bullets’
The plight of millions of Jews shot to death in the fields of Eastern Europe has been getting greater attention in recent years as historians sift through records available only since the collapse of the Soviet Union.(N.Y. Times)