Elsewhere: Sexy Sabbath, Phillip Roth: Enigma?, George R. R. Martin’s Jewish inspiration

Game of Thrones’ Jewish inspiration: Maurice Druon, French-Jewish author of “The Accursed Kings,” provided George R.R. Martin with inspiration for his well-known epic.  (Jerusalem Post)

Modern Orthodoxy vs. God?In focusing on social change, Modern Orthodoxy has peripheralized God, Malka Simkovich writes. (Times of Israel)

Phillip Roth: Enigma?: For all the times Phillip Roth has written about “Phillip Roth” in his novels, the man at their center remains elusive, Jacques Berlinerblau writes.  (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Sexual Sabbath: Snarky dialogue and frank conversation characterized a Shabbat event at the University of Pennsylvania that focused on Judaism and sex, Jessica McDowell writes. (Daily Pennsylvanian)

Muslim, Jewish women bond: Jewish-Muslim Community Dialogue, an organization that aims to foster connections between two communities often at odds, found fertile common ground in women’s experiences, Ed Stannard writes.  (New Haven Register)

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