Elsewhere: Nixon vs. Philip Roth, Haganah to Congress, Mengele’s passport?

Return to Sefarad: Spurred by the promise of Spanish citizenship, Josh Nathan-Kazis returns to his Sephardic ancestors’ homeland. (Forward)

Nixon vs. Philip Roth: President Nixon was pretty worked up over his portrayal in a Philip Roth novel. (L.A. Review of Books)

Mein Kampf sales aren’t surging: Reports that Hitler’s manifesto was climbing the e-book bestseller turn out to be wildly overblown, writes Adam Kirsch. (New Republic)

Mengele’s passport: Craig Gottlieb, an expert on TV’s “Pawn Stars,” has bought what he believes may be the passport used by Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele to escape to Argentina. (San Diego Union-Tribune)

Shulamit Aloni’s legacy: The late Meretz leader had “a transformative effect on Israeli political discourse,” writes Naomi Chazan. (Times of Israel)

Germany to Palestine to Congress: Former California congressman John Krebs looks back on his life, including fleeing Germany as a child and serving in the Haganah. (Fresno Bee)

A domestic Iran deal: Congress and the Obama administration should be able to come to an agreement on an Iran strategy, writes Dennis Ross. (Politico)

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