Elsewhere: Madoff’s ugly legacy, understanding the quenelle, passionate prayer

Understanding the quenelle: Dieudonne’s gesture is indicative of a changing culture in France, Sylvain Cypel writes. (N.Y. Times)

Jewish children’s books and gender: Jewish children’s books have long suffered from a gender imbalance, but that may be changing, Emily Sigalow writes. (Tablet)

Soviet general’s unlikely role: Gen. Vasily Petrenko helped institute Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27th. (Jewish Chronicle)

Passionate prayer: Modern Orthodox schools should encourage students’ connection to God, even if it means girls wearing tefillin, Atira Ote writes.  (Times of Israel)

Madoff’s ugly legacy: Losing millions in Madoff’s Ponzi scheme has had a detrimental effect on Yeshiva University’s credit rating.  (Bloomberg)


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