Elsewhere: Hasidim and soy, case for mysticism, case against Halloween

A bad deal is worse than no deal: For talks with Iran to succeed, U.S. diplomats need to stick to a set of principles regarding acceptable outcomes and negotiate from a position of strength, write Dennis Ross, Eric Edelman and Michael Makovsky. (L.A. Times)

American Jews need mysticism: A successful 21st-century American Judaism will come from embracing the Jewish mystical tradition, writes Rabbi Arthur Green. (eJewish Philanthropy)

A Jewish case against Halloween: Halloween is overrated and lacks meaning, as the holiday classic “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” illustrates, writes Laura Hodes. (Forward)

Hasidim vs. soy?: Media outlets rushed to repeat a story that a Hasidic yeshiva banned soy products because of fears that such foods fuel homosexuality. Yair Rosenberg scrutinizes the story and the reports, many of which has been retracted. (Tablet)

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