Elsewhere: Fighting rabbi, banished bride, Jacoby on missing son

Arab-American intellectual rivals: Former friends Hussein Ibish and Ali Abunimah have become antagonists over the two-state solution and other issues. (Buzzfeed)

Banished bride:  A moving personal account tells the story of a Jewish marriage, from huppah to writ of divorce. (Times of Israel)

Fighting rabbi: Rabbi Yosi Eilfort just won his first mixed martial arts bout after six months of training, hoping to promote fitness in the Orthodox Jewish community. (Fox Sports)

Jeff Jacoby’s ‘amazing community’: With his teenage son safely home, the columnist reflects on the support his family received while the boy was missing. (Boston Globe)

Hate mail: A look back on picture postcards reveals anti-Semitic images, popular throughout the world since the 1890s. (Tablet)

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