Elsewhere: Bibi’s right rival, Orthodoxy’s marriage problem, defending dual loyalties

The rival to Bibi’s right: Danny Danon is rallying the Likud’s right to pressure Benjamin Netanyahu on Israeli-Palestinian issues, writes Ben Birnbaum. (New Republic)

Not guilty: A lack of biblical literacy explains why 26 percent of Americans said in an ADL poll that “Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus,” writes Candida Moss. (Daily Beast)

Orthodoxy’s marriage problem: A much-discussed New York Post essay by a woman whose husband is denying her a religious divorce also highlights problems with marriage in the Orthodox world, writes Rabbi Eliyahu Fink. (Fink or Swim?)

Defending dual loyalties: There’s nothing wrong with divided loyalties, and American Jews shouldn’t be ashamed to prioritize Israel’s interests sometimes, writes Hillel Halkin. (Forward)

Homeland’ creator’s homeland yearning: Gideon Raff, the creator of “Homeland” and its Israeli precursor, says that he wants to move back to Israel someday. (Times of Israel)

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